Ian Condliffe Land management and agri-environment consultant


Ian spent the first ten years of his career as a soils and land use specialist on overseas agricultural development. He joined then UK Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAFF) in 1986 as an agricultural land classification specialist. He soon became involved in the new agri-environment programme and spent the following 20 years working in the design and implementation of these schemes and their environmental and socio-economic monitoring programmes, particularly for the uplands.

For ten years he managed a large team of specialists in soils, landscape, wildlife, ecology, cartography and GIS.

He is a specialist in upland environmental systems, common land and Less Favoured Area (LFA) policy. For fifteen years he was the Principal Technical Adviser to Defra for England’s upland agricultural and environmental policies and research and manager of a team of technical specialists.

In the last 5 years of his civil service career Ian was the principal national technical adviser for the uplands, working on Less Favoured Area and Cross Compliance policy and implementation, the design of new Environmental Stewardship schemes and the Common Land bill. He also established and managed a Technical Information Unit whose role was to ensure that both colleagues and land managers had access to the best information for environmental land management. As an independent consultant he is involved in agricultural, environmental, land classification and economic rural development projects at local and national levels. His day to day dealings with farmers, senior Government officials and academics ensures that he has an excellent, up to date understanding of rural development issues.

He is a research associate of the Countryside and Community Research Institute and has shared his knowledge and expertise abroad, making presentations and working alongside rural development officials in Europe and Canada.



2007 Independent consultant
2001 - 2006 Principal technical adviser to Defra policy divisions and manager, Technical Information Unit
1992 - 2001 Manager of a MAFF regional team of environmental specialists and a cartographic and geographical information unit.
1990 - 1992 Principal technical adviser to MAFF HQ policy divisions.
1986 - 1990 Senior Research Officer, ADAS
1981 - 1986 Technical specialist (soils and vegetation survey and irrigation agronomy) with international agricultural consultancy. Short term missions and projects (1 - 6 months) in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.
1977 - 1981 Technical co-operation officer, UK Ministry of Overseas Development. Soil survey, soil conservation and land use planning, Malawi and Zambia.
1971 - 1973 Voluntary Service Overseas, Ethiopia
A full CV is available on request.